La Ray Power Cycle

La Ray Engineering & Equipment Co. 

1029 N. Seventh Street, Milwaukee 3, Wisconsin


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La Ray Power Cycle.  Built by La Ray Engineering and Equipment Company. 1029 N. Seventh Street  Milwaukee 3. Wis.    The engine used was a Clinton 701-ASL with a built in lighting coil. Head light and tail light used where from Mak a lite same as used on bicycles. Lighting coil was really to weak in current to used on any higher candle power bulbs. The unique thing with This Power Cycle was the clutch which was really made by the  Mercury Clutch Co.  They used  real Mercury inside a rubber like inner tube. It was one of the best performing centrifugal clutch I have ever used. Thus the name Mercury. Turned out to be a huge problem for warranty replacement because of leaks that occurred. Clutches returned  by the customer where given a updated model for replacement. By Dave Bagne


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1947 LaRay

The bike was built by La Ray Engineering out of Milwaukee WI. after WWII. This bike was only produced for 1 year, The factory was shut down by the US IRS for back taxes. Five years later all was lost. Many believe that some tooling ended up being bought by Safticycle as they share similar gas tanks and wheel hubs on the Commando. There were appox 2500 bikes built.


La Ray Power Cycle La Ray Power Cycle La Ray Power Cycle 1946 LaRay article


Customized LaRay

Customized LaRay 

At Iowa Classics 2012

Laray bones

At Davenport 2011

LaRay Airman by LaRay

LaRay & Spiegal Airman 

by LaRay at VMBC 2009

by Dick DeBuse


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1947 La Ray VIN #2344 Listed on eBay 

Starting bid of $700.   DID NOT SELL!!

1948 La Ray Is all original.


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From Doug & Debbie Baldanzi's collection


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