by King Midget Motors

Athens Ohio

King Midget Motors Corp

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This is a SUPER CYCLE which had been in production BEFORE 

the founders of Midget Motors built the first King Midget. 

The company (name?) that built the Super Cycle had gone under and Claude Dry teamed with Dale Orcutt to buy out the scooter factory. A few scooters were assembled from parts--then the left over parts were sold to (postwar) do it yourselfers through their own publication called Midget Motor Directory (a scaled down version of Hemmings Motor News). The parts and classified ads in MMD paid the bills and they developed a car--the King Midget.

The King Auto Cycle King Auto Cycle

Very modern Auto Cycle


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January 1946

1948 SuperCycle

1948 SuperCycle 

1948 Red Arrow

 Red Arrow

By Dick DeBuse


Super Cycle Super Cycle Supercycle

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A pair of early SuperCycle's


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Super Cycle Super Cycle Super Cycle

Super Cycle Super Cycle Super Cycle

Super Cycle Super Cycle


King Midget promo

King Midget promo


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1947Super Cycle Ad


1967 Bendix Lighting ad


1967 Super Cycle 

close out ad


1967 Super Cycle add 1967 Super Cycle add

1967 Super Cycle ad 

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1967 Dart scooter ad


 by Dick DeBuse


from Hemmings Classic Car


A rare find was Dennis Jasper's 1950 King Midget Super-Cycle Motor Scooter. "There are only five scooters known to exist," he says. "When I got the Super-Cycle, it had a front fender, the frame and the tail lamp. I had to build the forks, the rear body and the braking system. The rear body was the hardest part of the restoration because I had to build a jig to hold it all in place. "This 6hp, four-cycle, Wisconsin-powered scooter uses wheelbarrow wheels that were bored out and fitted with car wheel bearings. "It's surprisingly comfortable to ride," Dennis admits.



Dart Scooter plans
Best copy I could find there may be a more detailed set but this is all
I have seen, they also sold a parts kit.
Same company that did the king midget car in Athens, Ohio 1949 to 1969
Dave Thompson, Parkersburg, WV