Bearkat Trail

Bearkat Mfg. Co. Phoenix, Arizona




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Twister Twister 

Twister by Bearkat


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Sold on eBay


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By Dick DeBuse


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This is a BearKat that was made by BearKat Mfg. in Calif. I'm not sure of the city. I have not been able to find any information about the Bearkats mine is one of two models I know about. This scooter has a 6HP Tecumseh engine driving a jackshaft to the rear wheel. This thing is a Totegote on Steroids with that monster tractor tire on the rear wheel. Top speed is about 15 mph. Tons of pulling power. Lots of grins to ride. I acquired it from my neighbor who had it in his barn. I am in the process of restoring it. Tom Cade 

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Here are the updated photos.

I finally got the BearKat restored. Fixed the broken welds on the frame and repainted it. Remade the seat and got it recovered. I added a kickstand off an old Schwinn bike my son in law had. Hope my daughter doesn't notice. The Schwinn was being used as a trellis.
Thanks to Tom Cade


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Here are some Bearkat Twister and Hot Shot photos for your site from Andy Babiak