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Brogan Factory Photo 3/14/1947


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Popular Mechanics

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 Brogan Models


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Brogan 1/4 ton Truck


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Brogan Buckboard


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Brogan Auto


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ID Plate


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By Dick Debuse


Design Patent, The Brogan Cycle

More information thanks to

Tom Bartlett, Double Springs, Alabama


1946 Broganette

1946 Broganette

1946 Brogan

1946 Brogan

1951 Broganette Delux

1951  Broganette, Delux


B & B Specialty Co were established in Ohio (USA) 1946. Their first 3-wheeler was the Brogan that took its name from its designer and builder Frank Brogan whose first product was a beer pump. The Brogan evolved from a motor scooter and so is a small two-seater car with a 5ft wheel base and was less than 4ft high to the top of the windscreen. Powered by a 10hp engine the vehicle can reach 45 - 50mph at 65 - 70 mpg. The vehicle was modified over the years and came in many different forms that included passenger car with a hard top and a light delivery truck with an open back that had a load carrying capacity of 500 pounds.

Along with the Brogan a Broganette was also manufactured that was classed as a motor-scooter. It had handle bar steering and was powered by a 3hp engine producing speeds of around 35 - 40mph at 85 mpg. By 1951 the Broganette had completely changed and was now more car like with 2 wheels at the front and a 10 ft long body. The engine was also uprated to a 10hp Onan engine. Production ceased in 1952.




1948 Brogan 1948 Brogan 1948 Brogan 1948 Brogan

1948 Brogan 1948 Brogan 1948 Brogan

Pictures of my 1948 Brogan Cycle motor scooter. I have owned this scooter since I was fifteen years old (I am now 73 years old.) I purchased it for fifteen dollars as a wreck in 1950. My father installed a German made WW II 2 cycle engine (with a hand crank starter.) My brother and I rode all over Milford Ohio and Cincinnati on this scooter. I am now in the process of restoring it. The specifications on the name plate are:
Brogan Cucle, year 1948, motor # D11769, Model No. BC, HP 2, manufacturer serial # 0459.
Thank you,
Tony Barklage