Comet Scooter

Thanks to Dick DeBuse


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Comet Comet

Comet at Hershey Comet at Hershey

This restored Comet is a one-owner scooter repainted in original colors

Comet at Hershey


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at Dennis Carpenter's Museum Charlotte, NC 2009


Comet scooter

Comet scooter bones


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Comet at Mid America Auction


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1946 Comet


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Rusty Comet


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1948 Comet 600 Scooter


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Comet's on eBay


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Comet 705 on American Pickers


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Comet 805


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Comet snap-shots

  by Dick DeBuse


purchased this Comet scooter several years ago and the seller thought it was a 1938 model.  After some research I believe the bike to instead be a 1047 model but I'm hoping someone from your organization can provide any further information regarding the particular model of Comet, the number of surviving unit (a guess) and perhaps a value estimate.  As far as some details, the engine is a 1.5 HP Clinton Model 700AS and there is, what seems to be, a casting date on the block indicating a 4/21/47 date of manufacture??) The scooter runs like a top and I just replaced the chain, clutch, choke and throttle cables to make her roadworthy.  I'm looking forward to taking a few rides and then I'll be putting her up for sale so that someone else can enjoy her


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As it turns out, I discovered that I have a model 805 "pickup" after looking at the brochure a little more closely.  I also got luck by finding an auction lot listing for the 2009 Mid America motorcycle auction in Las Vegas in which a 1947 Comet model 805 was successfully sold for $5,100.  The lot listing stated it was one of 3 known machines in existence and claimed to be the only complete one known.  So, it appears that I have mysterious "4th" 805 in existence and mine is complete with the exception of the air cleaner.  I did notice however that the description lists it as having a Briggs and Stratton engine while mine has a Clinton which looks like it's original to the machine.  I'd be curious to see if Dick might know of any instances/timeframes where there may have been different engine combinations used. Scott Marshal Charlotte, NC.


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Sold on eBay


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1946 Comet Modle 600 "Supercycle" 

For information on this scooter email Jerry Perkins 


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1952 Comet Barn Find