Doodle Bug

A Mini Bike From the 1940s


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Yesterday's Rides Metalworks, Inc.


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1948 Hiawatha Doodle Bug Super. Lots of new old
stock parts and never run since being restored.

Phil Jacobson


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1946 5 HP W/Clinton engine


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1949 Super Doodle Bug


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Duane Petersen's custom wrecker

Purple bug is Duane Petersen's custom wrecker from New York

23rd Doodlebug Reunion, 2009

76 Doodle Bugs were counted


Newsletter Fall 2011 Newsletter Fall 2011

Doodle Bug Newsletter Fall 2011


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Tangier Shrine Motor Corps Patrol, Omaha


Motor Patrol B Motor Patrol B

Motor patrol B


Doodle Bug Motor Corps

Doodle Bug Motor Corps

The photo labeled "Doodle Bug Motor Corps" on the Doodle Bug scoter page is actually a photo of the Walnut Creek Doodle Bug Club, c. 1955. They essentially operated as a youth division of the Oakland, CA police dept. motorcycle drill team. I own the original of that photo. There is a video of them doing drills that has been posted on youtube.  

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Thanks, Tom Brekhus


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Manual Models A and B 

B has Clinton engine

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Super manual 

Models C, D, and E

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Parts clarification


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Doodle Bug ad with Dina Shore


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Rod Cameron

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Spike Jones

Susan Hayward on Doodlebug prototype 

Susan Hayward 


Fall 2012

Fall 2012

Spring 2013

Spring 2013

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Fall 2014

Doodle Bug Newsletter


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Old snapshots


At Gambles Panorama

Doodle Bug booth at Gambles Panorama

Thanks to Dick DeBuse


This Brigs Hiawatha

Engine was for sale on eBay

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Also sold on eBay


1946 Hiawatha Doodle Bug with original Briggs and Stratton engine

Some good photos for restorers. Thanks Dan


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Doodlebug Reunion, Fort Dodge, Iowa 9/16/07

Doodlebug reunion Fort Dodge, Iowa 9/16/07


Doodlebug reunion Fort Dodge, Iowa 9/16/07 Doodlebug reunion Fort Dodge, Iowa 9/16/07


A good source for Doodle Bug stuff

Yesterday's Rides Metalworks, Inc.


Doodlebug Club of America


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