L. Ronney & Sons

Manufactures & Distributors

1531 East 20th Street, Los Angeles 11, California

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My father (one of the sons of L. Ronney and Sons) used to tell me about when they made those scooters during WW II for the Navy.  They were primarily used on airbases to get mechanics, etc around the long distances.  The factory, in East Los Angeles, was actually a furniture factory that my grandfather (Louis Ronney) founded with his sons Sam (my father) and Milton (my uncle).  All have passed away.

During the war, as was very common, factories went into war production mode and abandoned their civilian products.  My father's factory got several Navy contracts for building the military version of the Jeepette (in olive drab), large ship's portholes, and portions of wooden boats.

My guess is that the civilian Jeepette sold after the war ended was made from remaining parts inventory from the builds during the war.

After the war ended, the factory returned to furniture manufacturing by the Ronney family until 1958, when it was sold to another furniture manufacturer.  The building was torn down in the mid-1960's.

Kenneth Ronney  December 2007 


I understand Powell built these also and after the war they called there’s the AV-8 and 

a nicer looking one named the Clark Cyclone. 

I remember seeing the Clark Cyclone when I was a kid in about 1946 or 47.

I wonder if Cushman also built them and after the war called theirs the Eagle?


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1943 "Jeepette Mfg. L. Romney & Sons, Los Angeles, CA.

Basically a Powell Aviate put together by Romney while Powell Bros. were busy WW ll efforts.

For information on this scooter email Jerry Perkins 


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I purchased two of these in a basket in about 1948
and made one running scooter of the parts.



Title, frontTitle, backRegistration card, frontRegistration card, backThe envelope


While cleaning out old files I found the title and registration card 

and the envelope it came in to one of the Jeepette's I purchased.

Notice the 3 cent postage on the envelope.

John, Sun City, Arizona


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Littlejohn: I purchased a new Jeepette motor scooter in August 1945.

My grandfather drove me downtown to close the deal and get me on the

road. I remember the factory being near or on Hooper St. I paid $267

for it. My scooter was red, they had changed from green. I remember the

engine had a Ford V8 85 Hp piston and model A timing gears. We moved

to Oregon after the war was over and the scooter went with us. My dad

sold it in Medford Oregon to a man who used it for many years. I was

probably more thrilled with that Jeepette than I was with my Honda Goldwing.

 Growing old has it's pitfalls. Jerry L. Brewer, Richardson Texas