Maytag Toy Racer

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In the Maytag wing of the Jasper County, IA. museum in Newton, IA. 


Maytag Toy Racer (1934-1940) that was built in Newton IA by the same appliance company that is still in business although they were bought out by Whirlpool a few years ago and production was moved out of Newton. They built 500 of the Toy Racers. They were sold only to Maytag dealers as a promotional item. They were powered by Maytag washing machines engines, a 2 cycle, either one or two cylinder engine. The engines were developed by Maytag to power their washing machines in rural areas where there was no electricity. Maytag had an engineering staff, a foundry and the capability to make a nice looking little car. They resemble a 34 Ford or some think a Duesenberg. I would recommend that you find a copy of the book Iowa's Automobiles by Bill Jepsen, published in 2007. It is self published by Mr. Jepsen. He is an automotive historian and he did his own research for the book, not relying on old articles or hearsay. It is an excellent book. There are several pages of both text and pictures of both the National and the Maytag racer.  Hugh A. Young


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Maytag Toy Racer sold on eBay


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After the outlying areas received electric power the engines became plentiful


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Maytag oil cans and a fits all wrench



Sidewalk Runabout

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Modern Mechanix May, 1938


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