Motorette Corp., 1560 Harlem Rd.

Buffalo, N. Y.


by Yard Man Incorporated

1410 W. Ganson St., Jackson, Mich.

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Yardman scooter sold by Sears in 1959 

was also sold in Canada by Simpson-Sears 

for an extended time as shown by the Simpson-Sears catalog.


Motorette Motorette Motorette

Motorette Motorette Motorette

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Showalter Motorette Co 1945 Showalter Motorette Co 1945 Showalter Motorette Co 1946 Showalter Motorette Co 1946

Showalter Motorette Co 1945 & 46


Motorette Motorette Motorette Motorette


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Sold on eBay


Motorette Motorette Motorette Motorette

Larry Fisher's 1946 Model 20 Motorette. This particular car was equipped 

with a custom reverse gear and hand controls for its original owner.

Gould's Microcar Meet in Brookline, MA.


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Dennis Carpenter's Motorette at Portland


Motorette On a Trailer in 1946

Motorette On a Trailer in 1946




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The following is from Ronald Winneberger

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Introduced in 1947 the Motorette was manufactured by the Motorette Corp. of Buffalo, New York. (USA). The vehicles were primarily designed for use in a mile long aircraft plant but due to their practicality found many other useful roles.   It  is powered by a one-cylinder 4.1hp air-cooled engine that drives a single wheel that when fully laden will propel the vehicle at 39mph (though it does not have a speedometer) at up to 60 mpg.  The body of the Motorette was all aluminum with a channel construction "X" frame chassis and steering is done by what can only be described as oval handlebars. A windscreen was an optional extra.
 The Motorette came in a number of forms that included the Model 20 that was an all round vehicle that was a 2 seater with 6 cubic feet of luggage space and the Model 30 that was also a 2 seater with its luggage capacity increased to 10 cubic weight.
 Famous owners of the Motorette include the American comedian Bob Hope who wanted "an extra "get-about car" where no car could go.
 Production of the Motorette is thought to have ceased in the early 1950s.
The 1947 Motorette (Model 20). (My thanks to Alden Jewell for sending me this picture)  The Motorette Chassis.