By Yard Marvel Mfg. Co. Inc.

Spokane, Washington


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I found a really nice Yard Marvel, Mountaineer/Elk Packer. Model 6-439.
It is very complete and I have started to restore it already.
Here are some pics if you would like to add them to the site for Mountaineers.
Tom Cade


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Well here it is finally!!
The restoration took about 10 months. I think that the motor is original 6HP Briggs & Straton. It has good compression and just needed the carb cleaned and rebuilt. I am still looking for an air filter that will work. Clearance issues, motor to frame. This scooter is pretty fast in high gear. Close to 40 mph. Around 20 mph in low gear. Pulls great on the hills in low. It will climb at just about an idle and keep going. Couldn't keep the original type tires since they aren't made in 6" rim size. Had to install 8" rims. Bought them from Go Kart Supply. The tires are Rear: 16.5x6.5x8 Front: 16.5x5x8Tires were purchased from Tires Unlimited. New wheel bearing, brake levers and brake shoes. Used aluminum diamond plate for the rear cover. Chromed the front wheel and seat springs.

Regards, Tom Cade