Motor Scooter

Built in Syracuse, NY.

2000 produced in 1922, 27,000 in 1923, and 2700 in 1924


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1920s Ner-a-car gals ready to ride


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Seven "Ner-A-Car" motorcycles in front of Cannonball Baker & Co. 

The bike in the front has a sign on it indicating that it made a trip from New York to Los Angeles on 45 gallons of gas.


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Another restoration under way by Dave Bagne


Davenport 2012 Davenport 2012 Davenport 2012

From davenport Iowa 2012

Thanks to Dick DeBuse


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Jim Kersting's 1922 Ner-a-car


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Built on a Ner-a-car chassis,

Mr. Lawson built this in 1948 using a 288cc straight 4 from Mr. Haythorn

It had outriggers that dropped under gravity and locked in position.

They can just be seen hiding in the rear bodywork.