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Mickey Thompson Dragster

It's a novelty toy and its just really cool. It will do wheelies down the street!

I picked it up in Denver Colorado last year, I drove from Los Angeles just to pick it up in person because there are very few of them and did not want to trust a shipper. Its powered with a Tecumseh 3 1/2 hp engine, it hasn't been ridden since the eighties. The last owner said it was used by Burger King and they had named it the "Whopper Hopper" It since has been painted yellow (done when he bought it in the eighties) I was wondering if you would put it in the novelties section and ask if anyone remembers it back in the sixties or seventies in the Denver area used by Burger King? thanks, James Chutuk


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Thanks to Dick De Buse


Thanks to Bev & Jolly MacLean


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