Powell Motor Scooter

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1948 P-48


1948 P-48 1948 P-48

Powell P-48 pow_054.jpg (173092 bytes) Powell P-48

Powell P-48 Powell P-48 Jerry Perkins 1948 P-48

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Sold on eBay

Thanks to Dick DeBuse


1949 P-49

P-49 P-49 P-49

P-49 P-49 P-49

 P-49 P-49 P-49 P-49

Thanks to Dick DeBuse


Powell P-81

Introduced in 1949


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p81a.jpg (195296 bytes) 1949 P-81

powell02.jpg (40983 bytes) P-81 pow_116.jpg (277792 bytes) pow_185.jpeg (252809 bytes)

P-81 powgm3.jpg (161570 bytes) powell03.jpg (24971 bytes) P-81 custom


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Letter from Dorothy Powell

October 6, 1973


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Powell P-81 Powell P-81 Powell P-81


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P-81s sold on eBay


Red Custom & Black Delux 1951 Powell P-81 Custom

Powell P-81's Red Custom, Black Deluxe


1950 Powell P-81 1950 Powell P-81

1950 Powell P-81's at the Mid America auction

A pair of P81s

A pair of P81s

Thanks to Dick DeBuse


1949 P-81

Jerry Perkins 1949 P-81


Powell p-81

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I bought my first scooter in 1948, a POWELL P-81 at the age of 13 from a dealer in Compton California. I used it on 2 paper routes 7 days a week for 2 years to pay for it. I traded it in for a new RED MUSTANG IN 1950. 

Barry Bertram


Powell P-81

Bonneville/Murock Plywood Streamliner from the 50's

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Dear Sir You wanted more information on the plywood streamliner that had a P-81 inside. The fellow that ran that was Tony Cappana who passed away not too long ago. He and the Powell was written up in the January 51 Cycle magazine and April 51 Popular Mechanics. I meet Tony back in 1977 when we were doing diesel conversions. He was a real neat fellow.   I am sure I asked him about the streamliner but I just can not remember his reply...He kind of dismissed the effort as I recall.


Two C-47s and Don Dickey's Marman Twin John Fenton and Don Dickey

Motorbikes and the guys who ride 'em. Left to Right...John Fenton, Don Dickey

Here is a shot of two great looking Powell's and my Marman Twin. The Powell's are 1947 models .The Powell's were owned by my riding buddies John Fenton (age 15) and Ken Bonser (age 15).  I was 14. Photo Taken in Berwyn, ILL. 1948. The Powell's were the fastest machines in our little group of Whizzers, Marmans, Cushman's, Doodlebugs etc. John and Ken went on to become master mechanics and owned , Clarendon Hills Auto repair, the best auto repair in Chicago's Western Suburbs according to the Chicago Tribune.

Don Dickey