Salsbury Motor Glide


Salsbury Motor Glide History

In the midst of the Great Depression in 1935,

E. Foster Salsbury decided America needed a 

good but inexpensive mode of transportation.

He introduced the Salsbury Motor Glide in 1936.

This two-wheeler weighed 65 pounds and came fully

equipped with lights, horn, and collapsible handlebars.

The 1948 model when introduced, was called the 

"Motor Scooter of the Future." It was a radical design,

the wheels were practically hidden and it had the ease of

a self shifting transmission. The influence of the Salsbury

on all other scooters that followed was an enormous one.

Salsbury dictated the design of the modern Motor Scooter

with their very first product in 1936.



sals_191.jpg (152130 bytes)

1935 Evinrude 

air cooled  motor, 

friction drive, 

only known survivor.

sals_192.jpg (93660 bytes)


Evinrude powered,

chain driven.

sals_193.jpg (187176 bytes)

1937 Johnson

 "Iron-horse" engine,

 Bump start.

sals_194.jpg (112844 bytes)

1939 Motorglide 

model 70,

 Lauson engine, 

Delux seat, 

Bump start.

sals_195.jpg (153149 bytes)

1940 "Motorglide"

 model 70

 with carry-pack.

For information on this scooter email Jerry Perkins


1936 Motor Glide 1936 Motor Glide Salsbury sals_032.jpg (74814 bytes)


sals_016.jpg (16977 bytes) sals_017.jpg (22675 bytes) sals_018.jpg (22445 bytes) Motor Glide


sals_166.jpg (155894 bytes) sals_167.jpg (159215 bytes) sals_168.jpg (49428 bytes)

1940s Motor-Glide


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sals_102.jpg (178106 bytes) sals_121.jpg (486833 bytes) sals_119.jpg (367742 bytes) sals_120.jpg (416798 bytes)

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Motor Glide Model Identification 1936 - 1943

Motor Glide Model Identification 1936 - 1943


Motor Glide Mart

Roy Frankson Dealer


Dive Bomber 1942 Dive Bomber 1942 Dive Bomber 1942


From the set of Dive Bomber 1942 From the set of Dive Bomber 1942 Errol Flynn

From the set of Dive Bomber 1942 From the set of Dive Bomber 1942

From the set of Dive Bomber 1942


sals_180.jpg (115130 bytes) sals_181.jpg (140096 bytes)

The end of a 4,000 mile cross country trip


sals_094.jpg (350514 bytes)

1936 Motor Glide

 sals_095.jpg (247773 bytes)

1937 Motor Glide

sals_112.jpg (361689 bytes)

From  Dick DeBuse scrapbook

sals_113.jpg (378983 bytes)

 sals_114.jpg (449398 bytes)

From  Dick DeBuse scrapbook

1937 Salsbury

1937 Salsbury

 From  Dick DeBuse scrapbook

 From  Dick DeBuse scrapbook

From  Dick DeBuse scrapbook 

Salsbury Scooter Girls 1946

Scooter Girls 1946

Salsbury's Pin Up Girls


sals_111.jpg (268299 bytes)

Scooter rentals 

Daytona Beach


sals_182.jpeg (72458 bytes)

Jacksonville Beach


3 Motor Glide's

& a Rockola

sals_115.jpg (313323 bytes)

sals_122.jpg (485504 bytes)


sals_140.jpg (496362 bytes) sals_141.jpg (363201 bytes) sals_142.jpg (252901 bytes)

sals_137.jpg (133600 bytes) sals_138.jpg (185752 bytes) sals_139.jpg (307127 bytes) 

Random snap shots






Salsbury contest

Salsbury contest


Rosco Turner Rosco Turner packin Rosco Turner & the gang


Ann Sheridan

Ann Sheridan on a

Salsbury Motor-Glid

Rita Hayworth

sals_151.jpg (57365 bytes)

Rita Hayworth

Salsbury Motor-Glide

Carole Lombard and Sabu

Carole Lombard and Sabu

with her Salsbury Motor-Glide


Dorthy Malone

Dorthy Malone

on a Salsbury

Edgar Bergan

Edgar Bergan and 

Charlie McCarthy 

Errol Flynn

Errol Flynn on a 

Salsbury Motor Glide

Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong

on a Motor Glide 


 Judy Garland

Judy Garland 

on a1937 Motor Glide

Judy Garland

Judy Garland

Judy Garland

the tuner

sals_110.jpg (389959 bytes)

Warner Brothers

camera dept. 

From  Dick DeBuse scrapbook

The Hard Road to 

Screen Fame


sals_183.jpeg (186529 bytes) sals_184.jpeg (169445 bytes) 

Faith Dorn

 sals_190.jpg (149962 bytes) 

Ronald Reagan poster


sals_178.jpg (141891 bytes)

Nelson Eddy & Rose Stevens 

On a Motor Glide


Gaynor scooter

Janet Blair, Brian Aherne, Rosalind Russell on a Gaynor scooter. 

 Publicity still from "My Sister Eileen", 1942


sals_130.jpg (395729 bytes) sals_125.jpg (238585 bytes) sals_126.jpg (239815 bytes)

sals_127.jpg (242826 bytes) sals_128.jpg (242847 bytes) sals_129.jpg (258691 bytes)

US Naval Training center Ambulance 

San Diego, CA


sals_134.jpg (237114 bytes) sals_135.jpg (151062 bytes) sals_136.jpg (317428 bytes)

Motor Glide Cops

From the Dick DeBuse scrapbook


1940 Motor Glide 1940 Motor Glide 

1940 Motor Glide

sals_123.jpg (363760 bytes)

sold on eBay

sold on eBay

sold on eBay

sals_148.jpg (289547 bytes)

1940 sold on eBay

sals_149.jpg (365340 bytes)

1937 Motor Glide

sals_150.jpg (275117 bytes)

1941 sold on eBay

.sals_165.jpg (152545 bytes)

Motor Glide ad June 1941

Thanks to Dick DeBuse


1936 Salsbury 1936 Salsbury 1936 Salsbury

1936 Salsbury


1937 Salsbury 1937 Salsbury

1937 Salsbury


1937 Salsbury

1937 Salsbury

Frank Medeiros,


1937 Salsbury

My brother's scooter. His name is Patrick R. Brewer. It is a 1937 Salsbury that was purchased new in Inglewood California. The picture was taken in front of our garage at 4263 West 61st Street, Los Angeles, California. The picture you have of my Jeepette was taken just to the right of Pat's picture. Both scooters license plates are on the wall in my den. My brother is a retired Marine and lives in Oceanside. 

Jerry L. Brewer


1940s Motor Glide

Steve Guzman's 1940s Motor Glide


1940s Motor Glide

A 1941 Motor Glide is briefly visible on a US Navy flight line in the 1941 movie 

"Dive Bomber," about 1h, 56 minutes into the DVD

Marcus Brooks