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Watch this 1947 Moto-Scoot Start and Run.

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Here is an all original model Y 1947 American  Moto-Scoot with a 2 speed Albion transmission.

 Engine is a TLC 320 Lauson 2 1/4 HP. Could not have been used but very little. 

Crank case oil was full & clear like it had just been poured in. 

It was missing the clutch handle.

I had to put new tubes in both front & rear tires.

Dave Bagne


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The 1946 American Moto-Scoot I just finished restoring

by Stan Evans Lahoma Oklahoma.


There is a story that goes with this scooter. 

When I was about 6 or 7 I saw a scooter for the first time. Now this is just after ww2 and we lived on a farm without electricity and I did not know they even made such a thing. Later we moved to that town but I never found out who had that scooter. Then this year at my school reunion I was talking to a friend about my scooter collection and he said he had an American Moto-Scoot he was going to rebuild. We went to look at it and I tried to buy it but he would not sell. Three weeks later he called and said he would sell it. 

Would you believe this is the first Scooter I ever saw. now I have the one that started all of this scooter business. You asked about the driveline it is a 5HP Briggs and Stratton with a Comet Varadrive. The Lauson and 2 speed transmission are worn out but I plan to try to rebuild them. 

The scooter nut Stan

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The Lauson and 2 speed transmission.


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