Sears Allstate

& JC Higgins



JC Higgins Moto-Cycle JC Higgins Moto-Cycle JC Higgins Moto-Cycle JC Higgins Moto-Cycle

J C Higgins Moto-Cycle


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I noticed you don't have much pictured in the way of  Saginaw power cycles. 

Just some Lit. of the Higgins version. Heres a few pics of one I just restored

Ted Lusher, California





Sears Allstate

Customized Allstate 811.40

At Iowa Classics 2012

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Allstate 811.40 

Sold at Barrett-Jackson

 for $9350 as 1949


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  Sears Mini's

 Made by Bird 

Sears Puncher mini-bike


Made by Bird

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Summer sale

1957 Sears Mo-Ped ad

1957 Sears Mo-Ped

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1957 parts notice

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Allstate ads


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From the CCOA 2012 Show


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Sears Free Spirit bike motor


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sears_049.jpeg (170657 bytes) sears_050.jpg (270125 bytes) 1956


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Bo Diddley



By Dick DeBuse


Allstate Logo


Allstate Allstate


Allstate Delux Model 4 hp 1951 Allstate Delux Model 4 hp 1951


 Sears 1959 & 60 Sears 1960 & 61

1959 through 1962


1960 1960 1961

1960 & 61 catalog ad


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Here is a picture of a scooter I recently restored. It is a 1961 Sears Allstate restored to original colors and specs(see attached one page brochure that I found on your website). It also has the original 3HP Continental AU85 engine. Very limited information tells me that this scooter was made by Yardman and was called the Motorette, which was made for Sears for only one year. (1961). 

Robert M. (Bob) Worobec Instructor, Automotive Service Technology, SIAST  Kelsey Campus.


  1951 Highlander 

1951 Highlander


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David & Bonnie Kincaid's 1960 Allstate


Allstate by Yard-Man Allstate by Yard-Man

A catalog picture of the model #28K9440N 

The rarest of them might be the one made by Yard Man, 

which was only offered for one model year.  


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The only black Allstate that I have seen


Flying with Eagles

Allstate based on a 720-series Highlander. 

The rear fender is different form the Highlander version.


Allstate Jetsweep

Allstate Jetsweep, a rebadged 722 Cushman Pacemaker.

Howard Murrill,

A Cushman collector, Lenoir City, Tennessee


Alstate by Cushman Alstate by Cushman Alstate by Cushman 

1948 Alstate by Cushman 1948 Alstate by Cushman 1948 Alstate by Cushman

1948 Highlander


1912 Sears-Dreadnaught-Motorcycle


De-Luxe-V-Twin De-Luxe-V-Twin sears_031.jpg (277250 bytes)


2008 Craftsman & Diehard

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