Shipps Clipper


Plans & blueprints to build Shipps Clipper for $10.00 bucks, free shipping.

Frank Bird, Hemet CA (951) 658-9386

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An old add for plans from Floyd Climer


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Since I finished my wooden Shippís Clipper, I like it so much that I decided to build one in all metal. Steel body & frame, aluminum side panels, fiberglass front fender. It is just slightly upgraded mechanically. It has a 3 hp Harbor Freight OHV engine, direct drive with a centrifical clutch.  This one has bearings in the fork instead of bushings & it has 5Ē wheels instead of 4Ē, & Iíll be darned if this one doesnít go a solid 35 mph.  I would like to say I am selling plans & blueprints to build Shipp Clipperís for $10.00 bucks, free shipping. You may put my phone number in here if you care to.

Frank Bird, Hemet CA (951) 658-9386

I have been sitting on an original set of plans for a Shipps Clipper motor scooter since 1985. I bought them from a fella in the VVMC for $15 bucks. I have always wanted to built this machine & I don't know why it took me so long. The plans called for a wooden body but with my skill set, I thought steel & aluminum would be better. I completed this project in 5 weeks using red oak for the chassis, channel iron for the forks & I made a mold for a fiberglass front fender.  It is powered by a 25 year old NOS 2.5 hp Briggs & Stratton. It has a jackshaft & a 2 - 1 reduction. I used the reduction because I wanted to use it as a pit bike for my wife Marilyn & I to use at the larger car shows like the LA Roadster show & The Pomona Swap Meet. I am 71 years old now & it is just too far to walk around these shows.  I was a pin-striper & sign painter back in the day & I have always loved the old Gilmore gasoline graphics. So I wanted to make this look like an old Gilmore Gas Station parts chaser.  The machine weighs 85 lbs. & goes 20 mph top speed. I use a slip belt & a left peddle for the clutch.  The right pedal is a band brake. I set the throttle up to turn in reverse like an old 1937 Cushman. The scooter has a high degree of finish. I tried to make it look "not homemade".  Frank Bird, Hemet, CA


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Pictures of another Shipps Clipper. I gave my friend, John  Todhunter, a set of those Shipps Clipper plans & he built his in just a few weeks to run around our local airport here in Hemet CA. He did a very nice job & what he did that I like a lot he built his dead bang according to the plans including the original type of one-pedal clutch brake system as drawn in the plans. He even made his with the planís style wood body.  His goes around 25 mph & is very reliable

Frank Bird


Shipps-Clipper's at MMA

By Dick DeBuse