Simplex Servi-Cycle

Simplex Engine Conversions

A nice platform for various engines.


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From the Forum


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Indian At 2014 CCOA meet


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The frame is an original 1941 Simplex and the rest has been pieced together

 using new and old Schwinn and Huffy parts.  

The motor is a 49cc pit bike motor The gas tank was custom made. 


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Johnson Iron Horse Engine 

At the Gilmore Automotive Museum


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Honda GC 190cc


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Here's a update to the one with a Honda GC190 engine. The project is still ongoing but it is where it needs to be to look and run well. After I get a complete front fender it will go to the paint shop. I purchased this bike a over a year ago and trying to make it look good. So here's a photo of both sides and a close up of the engine. Same bike same engine almost the same clutch.

Reese Wawarosky


VMBC 2011


VMBC 2012

VMBC 2013



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go cart engine

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Gravely Engine

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Predator 212cc



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VMBC 2014


Simplex conversion Simplex conversion Simplex conversion

A very nice Vanguard conversion


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Spiegel Airman


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And another


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Honda Engine