Sportsman Mfg. Co.

Fleming Co

5200 W Colfax Ave.. Denver CO.


The History of the Sportsman

The History of the Sportsman

By Larry Schaefer


Trail Master "600" Trail Master "600"

Trail Master "600"

 Sportsman "600" & "700" Sportsman "600" & "700"

Sportsman "600" & "700"

 MT400 MT500

MT400 and MT500

Mini Trail Bikes

Mini Trail SMT 500 The Hunter

Mini Trail SMT 500 & The Hunter

Custom "700" "700" & "600"

Custom "700" & "700" & "600"

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Chopper & the Pistol


Business card Mfg plate ID plate

Business card, ID & Name plate's


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Jacket patches from our racing team and Scooter Club



This is the prototype for our last scooter.

I built it by hand and then built the assembly jigs & fixtures from it.

I added the spoke wheel 20 years ago.

The rest is all original & has been used every year for the last 40+ years.


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A prototype 3HP we never put into production.

I have used it for over 40 years also.

We built theSMT 5hp Mini Trail instead.

It turned out to be out best seller.


Larry Schaefer Larry Schaefer

Larry Schaefer


Snow bound Snow bound

Snow bound


sport_010.jpg (155561 bytes)

This shows the track better. 

It was a 6" wide conveyor belt with 3/8" X 1" Channel Iron for traction.

The front clamped to the frame & the back to the swing arm.

It took 2 hours to change. 


Steve Mergele & Ben Henderson

Both built by Sportsman.

The 1/2" track of Steve Andersons is 1 of only 2 I built.

They worked well but didn't have quite enough power.

The 8 HP wasn't  available then.

It would of cost around $800.


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By Dick Debuse


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The Sportsman sticker on the rear fender is the only identity, other than a small sticker on top of the triple tree that reads Sportsman Mfg Co Denver, CO. Looks like a cross between a Tote Gote and a BearKat. The monoshock rear is really unique. Power is provided by a 6 hp Briggs. I bought this at a GoodGuys car show in Columbus, Oh. It came with a ski and large frame with dual rear tracks, bogey type suspension with a sprocket that drives the rear track axle. Sorry, no pics of the track at this time. I have never seen another.  

Steve Anderson  Elyria, OH


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Attached are some photos of a trail bike of unknown make. It had a sticker on the rear fender that had many coats of paint on it.  The only thing I could make out is Denver CO. It does not appear to be a Prospector based on your web page ads  but it may be a different model. The rear suspension in unlike any I can find in any of the photos or ads online. The front is different also with the outside tension springs. The wheels are 12". I would like to restore it so any info as to how it looked new would be helpful.
Steve Mergele Boerne, TX


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I recently purchased this "tote-gote" frame and am in the process of restoring it. I am trying to find the actual maker and model of the gote I have. Any help would be appreciated.  

Thanks, Ben Henderson