U. S. Spring Cycle

United States Spring & Bumper Co.

1120-30 South Los Angeles Street

Los Angeles, California


The Spring-Cycle had a frame made from

leaf springs. It had a smooth ride without

any other suspension. 


U.S. Spring-Cycle U.S. Spring-Cycle U.S. Spring-Cycle U.S. Spring-Cycle U.S. Spring-Cycle 

U.S. Spring-Cycle U.S. Spring-Cycle

Spring-Cycle Spring-Cycle Spring-Cycle Spring-Cycle


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Tai Sing Loo 1941

US Navy photographer  Hawaii

Thanks to Dick DeBuse


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1940 Springcycle

For information on this scooter email Jerry Perkins Jperk930@aol.com


  1939 Springcycle


Cleo McCoy

I finally found a picture of the elusive Spring Cycle

Taken in 1941.  Thanks to Cleo McCoy.

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This 1941 spring cycle was bought  new by 15 year old Elmer [tug] Weber at a Western Auto store in Barberton Ohio for $100....he was from Wadsworth Ohio, and used it to deliver newspapers...it was built by the U.S. Spring and Bumper Co. in California.tug now lives in Millersburg Ohio, is 80 years old, and still rides a 650 Honda motorcycle.sent by Tom House, Killbuck, Ohio


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I am interested in connecting with anyone that owns, or did own, one of
these very rare machines.  Dick was kind enough to post some advertizing
for these scooters on your website.  I am interested in finding any
parts or whole scooters or information that was published about these,
including information about how may were built.  They were manufactured
in Los Angeles CA for a few years prior to WWII.  I thought they were
only sold locally, but have heard suggestions that they may have been
sold elsewhere. Thanks for your wonderful website!!
Wes Seideman  Boise, Idaho