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Topper Specs. Topper Specs.

Topper Specs.


Harley Transport

Harley Topper scooter introduced in 1959 and initially came in 2 models.  AU was "under 5 hp" for those states where drivers under 16 years old were restricted to under 5 hp scooters.  Model A was 7 hp.  In 1962 they dropped the A model and added the 9 hp AH model, which they made thru 1965.  The VIN number is stamped into the top of the engine case.  For example #60A6990 is a 1960 Model A, serial number 6990.  There is not a frame number or ID tag.  The scooter engine is NOT the same as the Harley golf cart engine.  The golf cart engine used many of the same parts.  It was available with electric start and was designed to reverse the engine rotation for reverse travel.  It is physically larger than the scooter engine. 


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Topper article 1959


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Motorcyclist 1959

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Topper article 1960



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1961 Topper "H" model

For information on this scooter email Jerry Perkins Jperk930@aol.com 


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Topper test in Death Valley


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Cycle World


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Service Manual 1960 to 1962


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HD Topper HD Topper HD Topper HD Topper

Random shots


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1964 Topper 165cc


Harley Hummer

Harley Hummer at Davenport


Topper Topper Topper

Topper's at Davenport


 Topper Topper

Topper's at the Mid American auction


James Garner

James Garner  

Edd (Kookie) Byrnes 1959 Topper ad topper_044.jpg (88078 bytes)

Edd (Kookie) Byrnes 

Thanks to Dick DeBuse


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1948 Harley Davidson Hummer

Sold at the Mecum Auction January, 2014 in Las Vegas


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1970 AMF-Harley Davidson Bicycle

Sold at the Mecum Auction January, 2014 in Las Vegas

1960 - The "Topper," a fiberglass motor scooter, was introduced. Harley-Davidson teams up with Italian manufacturer Aeronautica Macchi S.P.A. to produce a line of smaller bikes including the Shortster and Sprint models. Italian-built lightweights were sold in America under the Harley-Davidson name. The Topper featured a pull-cord starting mechanism much like that of a lawn-mower.


Ref:1959 -  Topper Scooters Manufacturers (Harley-Davidson, USA): This, the shame of the Harley-Davidson style division, was actually built by Aermacchi of Italy (formerly manufacturer of the Schneider Trophy seaplane). It had a 165cc DKW gas motor (a variant of the DKW 125cc gas motor taken by the US from Germany in a war reparations deal). It only went 40mph, but as it had no front brake, this was probably a good thing. Not surprisingly it had very low sales over its 5 year production period.



I just had to put a real Harley on this page

1910 Harley Davidson "F" head 1910 Harley Davidson "F" head

1910 Harley Davidson "F" head single, leather belt drive, with original gas lamps and Klaxton push horn. Restoration completed  in 2009 and rode weekly. 

Keven Empey



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