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Nina Newton Nina Newton nina_003.jpg (113170 bytes)

3 views of the scooter that Son-in-law Roger & Grandson Jeff designed & Built from scratch. The lid is also covered to make a seat. They had it in the Christmas Parade & won a nice plack & prize. The old cooler was a old one of Al's  Nina Newton


Mustang & Cushman Rally, Sweetwater TX. 2001  


 must007.jpg (53573 bytes) must006.jpg (55417 bytes) must008.jpg (34287 bytes) 

Two nice 47 or 48 Stallions. They are a much better looking

bike with the engine in this configuration.

must009.jpg (49614 bytes)       cush23.jpg (49934 bytes)

Thoroughbred          19?? Cushman


Jerry Brewer & his Jeepette

Littlejohn: I purchased a new Jeepette motor scooter in August 1945.

My grandfather drove me downtown to close the deal and get me on the

road. I remember the factory being near or on Hooper St. I paid $267

for it. My scooter was red, they had changed from green. I remember the

engine had a Ford V8 85 Hp piston and model A timing gears. We moved

to Oregon after the war was over and the scooter went with us. My dad

sold it in Medford Oregon to a man who used it for many years. I was

probably more thrilled with that Jeepette than I was with my Honda Goldwing.

 Growing old has it's pitfalls. Jerry L. Brewer, Richardson Texas


alstate4.jpg (66737 bytes)

I recently bought this scooter at an auction. I know very

little about it. It is a Daimler-Puch scooter from Austria.

Marketed under the Sears name. I can only assume it is

from the 1960"s. I have been trying to find out if there is

a web site concerning these scooters. I would also like to

know the value of this bike. If you can shed any light on

this, I would appreciate your help.

Thanks!, Les


must_011.jpg (25829 bytes) must_012.jpg (26730 bytes) must_013.jpg (19474 bytes) 

Charles Young picked up this 1961 Mustang Stallion

in a basket and transformed it into this beautiful Cycle.

must_014.jpg (21318 bytes)

Charles is preparing to start on this

Mustang Trail and

must_015.jpg (19726 bytes) cush03.jpg (16961 bytes)

1952 Cushman Eagle.


santa001.jpg (29232 bytes) santa002.jpg (31218 bytes)

Christian Reiter and his Centaur

Folding Scooter at Christmas


ctrail001.jpg (31322 bytes) ctrail003.jpg (24580 bytes) ctrail002.jpg (30306 bytes)

I found another classic trail bike.  I sent you a picture of my mustang
trail bike.  Then I found this classic in the paper a few weeks later.  Its
a Cushman Trailster with gas tank holder on front,  original 2 speed
transmission and seat, tank.  I believe it may have been owned by a logging
company or forest service because it was painted green over the original
yellow paint.  It also has a custom wood rack on back.  Has a newer 8 hp..
Briggs and Stratton engine, as well as chrome exhaust.  Bike is very
original besides engine, has original hand brake and foot brake, correct
tires.  I've got a little tightening on the chains to do, then she'll be
trail worthy.  The engine runs very well, and I had a lot of fun riding it
around the yard before the chains loosened up.  The foot brakes on these is
one of the worst designs I've seen, its in such an awkward place for your
foot.  Keep up the great website.
Thanks Harris Katz


56 Wards.jpg (11864 bytes)

Larry Jordan's 1956 Wards "Special" Scooter. I've had it since
'62. I bought it from my cousin, who had bought it new in '56. I believe it
was actually made by  Pony cycle. It had a Continental 2 HP engine w/ a 2
speed clutch. I foolishly gave away the engine & clutch setup several years
ago. If I can't find another, I'll re-power with a B&S and Comet clutch.


Cleo McCoy Cleo McCoy

The Spring Cycle was new. The picture was taken in 1941!
My Dad talked me into giving up my horse as he (the horse) was getting
old and getting mean with the kids, so I got the Spring Cycle. I was 15
years old. ( I am now 75 years Old).
In 1985, I got my first motor cycle, (at age 59) a Honda 250 Rebel, then
a 700 Shadow, then a 1100 Shadow, then  another 1100 Shadow and in "99"
a Low Rider Harley. I have put 24,000 miles on it and hopefully
a few more before I give it up.  Cleo McCoy

From Dave Bagne's collection.

BSA Winged Wheel BSA Winged Wheel BSA Winged Wheel

BSA Winged Wheel BSA Winged Wheel BSA Winged Wheel

bsaww_011.jpg (25331 bytes) bsaww_017.jpg (18873 bytes) bsaww_012.jpg (15045 bytes) 

bsaww_013.jpg (26054 bytes) bsaww_014.jpg (35565 bytes) bsaww_015.jpg (45563 bytes) bsaww_016.gif (122056 bytes)

This is one that I bought from England. It came from the first owners Grand Daughter. Has all the documentations along with  the BSA  Winged Wheel Handbook and original factory documents including " Do`s and Don'ts" BSA Winged Wheel advice. Along with the original BSA Winged Wheel Factory parts catalogue. Everything works well including the lights and is a very strong mover for it` size. Front fork is equip with a knee action spring for shock absorption. The rims are painted over the chrome by the factory. It has the BSA logo on the front badge, rear fender, chain guard & sprocket cut out revealing BSA. The Bike had been stored in the owners attic since last used in 1960. The owner used the bike to  travel to and from work over 30 miles. Also has a rare Lucas King Of The Road Bell Ringer," very loud".  Will try to get a picture of the Documents as soon I get the year of the bike confirmed.  Dave Bagne


Maytag Sidewalk Runabout Maytag Sidewalk Runabout Maytag Sidewalk Runabout

This is called a Maytag Sidewalk Runabout built by Dave Bagne

using the original Mechanics Illustrated plans from the May issue 

1938 with his racing team.