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My Pecos Twister.  It was made from a Mustang Pony jig that I acquired from Dave Coffman in Los Angeles, CA. It has a 10hp Tecumseh motor with an electric starter and a 5amp alternator.  The drive train is a Comet torque converter.  It comes with 10" Azuza go cart wheels and Air Heart cable disc brakes.  The fenders are steel and made from boat trailer fenders. Top speed is 65mph.  Right now it is undergoing a new stronger clutch system. The Comet 30 likes to eat belts, so I am changing to a 44 Magnum. Rick McKean

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I bought this 1966 Sears (Vespa) 125 motor scooter for a $100 at a garage sale. It had not been run since 1978. I restored it over a year's time and I'm quite satisfied with the results. This was my first scooter project. I'm now hooked and have three others that are in the restoration process; a 1958 Cushman Road King, a 1959 Cushman Highlander and a 1963 Centaur folding scooter. Rich Cherry, Springfield, Ohio


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During World War II, this Cushman Scooter provided fuel efficient transportation to Cushman Motor Works in Lincoln, Nebraska, where I worked in the defense department making bomb fuses. Cushman made scooters for the armed forces, including a specially designed heavy duty model called the "Airborne" that could be dropped to troops by parachute. Wilma Cramer, Healdsburg, CA, 


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Arnim Zimmer's 1962 "TOTE GOTE"

model 670 "NOVA", with the Serial No. 176

Much more about Gotes at ARNIM"S


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Attached is a picture of my trail scooter, I had difficult time identifying it as there was no visible logo or manufacturer info on the bike. But a fellow mountaineer owner sent me a brochure and it turns out it  is a model 6-395. Now I just have to find out what year it is, I figure about 1958-62. Greg


Just thought I'd share some photos of my 1947 Whizzer "H". Very original and cool to ride.

 Restoration by myself. Another rare unit in East Millinocket Maine. Thanks, Dave Theriault


Hallo ? Leider spreche ich kein englisch. Mein Name ist Matthias Thomas. Ich wohne in Ostdeutschland und sammle seit Jahren alte Fahrradmotoren.  Durch meinen Holländischen Sammlerfreund Joost Heesakker bin ich auf Dein Internetseite gekommen. Sehr schön und viel.  Ich möchte Dir etwas schicken zum Thema: Evens

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Beste Grüße aus der Nähe von Dresden in Saxonia  Matthias  PS  Eines meiner Fahrzeuge:

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Dieses Bild habe ich auch noch gefunden:

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