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Don Dickey's KLR Don Dickey martwn_ddc14.jpg (47928 bytes)

It's almost as much fun as the Marman Twin I had in 1947 

at age 13, in Berwyn, Illinois. Don Dickey


From John Mastbrook, Vienna, Virginia
Cushman Club Of America # 10595

cush33.jpg (22832 bytes)

1960 Cushman truckster with

original 8 hp engine and 3 speed trans 

Owned by John Mastbrook

1958 Cushman truckster with 

22 hp OMC Cushman engine, has a 

3 speed trans Owned by Mike Kock

cush34.jpg (14879 bytes)

cush35.jpg (28624 bytes)

1951 Cushman 60 series model 65A 

it has an 8 hp engine with 2 speed


1966 Cushman Super Silver Eagle

one of the last ones Cushman made

cush36.jpg (23060 bytes)

cush48.jpg (38199 bytes)

Eagle with 2 cast iron 8 hp engines.

It is said this scooter can keep up with

Eagles sporting 16 hp Vanguard engines 


cush74t.jpg (30484 bytes) cush64t.jpg (27393 bytes)

Here are some pics of the 1975 "Truckster" and the 64 "Truckster" under
construction.  The bed of the 64 will be 2x6's.  Hope you like them. Sam
cushtrk01.jpg (15866 bytes) cushtrk02.jpg (18338 bytes) cushtrk03.jpg (14757 bytes) cushtrk04.jpg (16532 bytes)

In January 2002 Blaine and Sam Johnson purchased this

1982 Truckster at a Dairy in Glendale AZ. for $200

And it run's.


trike_001.jpg (20401 bytes) trike_002.jpg (39528 bytes)

I picked this up awhile ago in Bradenton, Florida. Looks like one of those post-war units made by small shops. It is electric and powered by two 12 volt deep cycle batteries. Big fat motor that belt drives a reduction jackshaft that looks very similar to the ones that used to be on powered reel mowers. Final drive is bicycle chain to the right rear wheel. Frame is all square steel tubing brazed together like an early formula car. Brakes are via pedal that actuates twin arms that drag on the back tires. Any idea who made this?? No markings anywhere. It is incredibly stable and smooth riding despite the tiny pneumatic tire up front.

John Otis Levesque


bearkat_003.jpg (73435 bytes) bearkat_004.jpg (16874 bytes) bearkat_008.jpg (58390 bytes) bearkat_009.jpg (45658 bytes)

cade_001.jpg (70175 bytes) cade_002.jpg (66043 bytes) cade_003.jpg (89660 bytes) cade_004.jpg (60018 bytes)

cade_005.jpg (63232 bytes) cade_006.jpg (57902 bytes) cade_007.jpg (46086 bytes) cade_008.jpg (54022 bytes)

The Blue Streak got a modified brake. Also I did away with the v-belt friction brake. It burned through about every 10 stops. Kind of hairy and scary! Got hills here in Oregon!

I installed a 3mm disk onto the jack shaft and attached a front brake assembly and caliper off a Honda CBR 600. Works like a charm and lowers the fear factor a lot.
 I am also including a recent picture of the Scooter Gang that has been terrorizing the neighborhood. I'm the guy 2nd from the right. Tom Cade



Tom Bartlet's Motor Wheel Tom Bartlet's Motor Wheel

A couple of photos of my version of the Smith Motor Wheel, using the
drawings on the A.O. Smith website.  My version is accurate to their
dimensions (I have conjectured that people were smaller 75 years ago), and
I made two other changes.  I used a bicycle motor (Zipper) to power the
5th wheel, and I angled the kingpins to provide better on-center steering.
 Building it was a lot of fun.
Your website is a great resource, both for research and inspiration.
Cordially, Tom Bartlett


cjones_oo1.jpg (46084 bytes) cjones_oo2.jpg (47168 bytes)

My 1999 Reproduction Whizzer.

It has a 2007 NE5 engine, It will run 50 mph if the belts are nice and tight.

As you can see there are several modifications.

Cecil Jones Bloomington, IL