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1911 Indian 1911 Indian

It is a 1911 Indian that lost it's original motor somewhere along the line. A Whizzer "J" series motor and system was installed in 1940's?  Has original Brooks seat and original 6 volt lightning system and a Klaxton manual push horn. Great running bike which actually performs better then the original Indian single did.

1910 Harley 1910 Harley

My 1910 Harley Davidson "F" head single, leather belt drive, with original gas lamps and Klaxton push horn. Restoration completed  in 2009 and rode weekly

Thanks to Wyatt Empey So Cal


North Thorne jean-do

Hi Mr museum, nice website for a scooters adddict !!
do you know something about this badge ?? i didn't find anything ?? who knows ??
here is pictures of my vintage french 's scooters collection


el-burro_001.jpg (60112 bytes) el-burro_002.jpg (67250 bytes) el-burro_003.jpg (84312 bytes) el-burro_004.jpg (73878 bytes)

The pictures are of my 1971 El Burro Sand-n-Snow Super 8 mini bike. These bikes were made in Lexington, MI and came in two different sizes, the Super 8 (8hp engine) and the Torque 5 (5hp engine with a torque converter). They were only made for a few years (late 60's - early 70's) and yet they still seem to pop up from time to time in Michigan for sale. I got this and it was pretty much a basket case. After about a week of some serious cleaning and painting I finished it. It has an 8hp Briggs and Stratton and will go almost anywhere you point it. I even pull my two kids, ages 9 and 11, behind it in the winter on their sleds.

Steve Jacobs, Grand Rapids, MI.




I wanted a Cushman Eagle so bad, I had to make one for
myself...because I couldn`t afford one.
Scootmaster  Scootmaster Scootmaster Scootmaster  

I built it with a Kids push scooter frame, with 1" square
tubing added to it. The engine is an 8hp Briggs and
Stratton with the optional lighting coil/flywheel. A
Centrifugal clutch mates it to a 3 speed (plus reverse)
garden tractor transmission ( you have to return to idle to
shift it). Wheelbarrow rims, 4.0X8" trailer tires, minibike front
brake, Chevy V-6 water pump pulley for the rear band brake.
Boat trailer fenders, and an old Yamaha dirt bike gas tank. 
Titled and licensed!

scootmaster6.jpg (69633 bytes)

A picture of the Honda ATC-90 I converted to "street". 

I took my first (limited to 3 wheels only) endorsement 

test on it. I had to quit riding it because EVERY cop 

I saw stopped me, but it was ALL legal,
so no problems...!!
Mike Siebert,
Portland Oregon