39 Annual Show & Swap Meet   July 11th - 15th, 2011


Dick DeBuse

Construction Superintendent


Cushman barrel spring Truckster zvmbc_2011_086.jpg (97484 bytes) Red? Cushmans zvmbc_2011_085.jpg (94397 bytes)

Two Tule Troopers and a Cushman Trailster for sale Two Tule Troopers and a Cushman Trailster for sale Cushman Trailster 

1943 Cushman Model 32 Cushman Varimatic for sale Cushman "Fighting Illiini" scooter Cushman military Airborne scooters for sale 



The Doodle Buggers were hereDoodle Bug for saleShow scooters - a Skat kitty, 2 Doodle Bugs, an Argyle, a Simplex Compact

Doodle Bugs


V-Twin Whizzer engine A row of nice restored Whizzers Hi-Po Whizzer  Marmon Twin Jack & Heintz Twin

  Briggs Motor Wheel Powerbike Powerbikes Motor Trike, (home built?) Motorbike with Lauson engine



  1964 Mustang swing arm Trail Machine Mustang Pony for sale Nice Mustang Thorobred for sale Mustang Stallion for sale



zvmbc_2011_089.jpg (94169 bytes) zvmbc_2011_090.jpg (91543 bytes)



   SalsburyThe Salsbury barn Salsbury's



Simplex quarter ton truck Simplex Hill  Simplex Hill 

Simplex scooter for sale Simplex Compact Simplex Compact Simplx Sportsman Senior

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 zvmbc_2011_083.jpg (101311 bytes) zvmbc_2011_087.jpg (44273 bytes) zvmbc_2011_088.jpg (98936 bytes) zvmbc_2011_091.jpg (106415 bytes)

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  U.S. Springcycle U.S. Springcycle U.S. Springcycle U.S. SpringcycleU.S. Springcycle

U.S. Springcycle


  Snowco Farm Skat for sale Restored Pony Cycles zvmbc_2011_084.jpg (100628 bytes)

Cycle-Scoot's Comet Scooter   US made Centaur for sale.  it has a Clinton E-65 engines US made Centaur for sale.  it has a Clinton E-65 engines  


 Scoot or Ski Scoot or Ski 1945 Keen Power Cycle for sale 1945 Keen Power Cycle for sale  

Skat Kitty for saleSavidge bike motor with 0.85 hp Ohlsson & Rice engine Allstate 811.40 Manco chopper mini bike for sale Tote Gote for sale



  Racing bar stool Rupp Go Joes Rupp Go Joes Scale  Model-Ts Red Rider

1906  Buick Mini dune buggy Rupp Go Joes Fairmount Railroad Motor Car Go-Ped easy chair

Other stuff


Dennis the Menace